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Captain Elizabeth Turner ([personal profile] try_corsets) wrote2008-09-19 09:38 am

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A hat should be a simple enough thing to find in Nassau, but Elizabeth didn't want just any hat. She'd promised Stitch a true pirate hat, and that's what she plans to deliver.

Eventually, when she'd almost forgotten her task, the perfect hat lands in her lap at a tavern one night.


The pirate who'd been wearing it wouldn't want it for a time, judging by the enormous bump in the dead center of his skull. Rum is all well and good, but the bottles can definitely leave a mark.

Elizabeth smiles at her good fortune and tucks it away. The very next time she's in Milliways, the hat is left with Bar, along with the following note:


A truer pirate hat you'll not be able to find. Enjoy it.

-Captain Elizabeth Turner

It's a bit large, a bit smelly, but all pirate.