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Captain Elizabeth Turner ([personal profile] try_corsets) wrote2008-02-15 03:15 pm

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The air is sticky and smells of salt, unwashed bodies, and a large amount of rum. And something else, here in this dirty alleyway, but Elizabeth doesn't waste time or effort puzzling over what that might be.

Mr. Gibbs is beside her, one hand wrapped around a bottle. He takes a drink and watches the docks with an unblinking stare. The port is busy tonight. The Empress won't be spotted, though there are plenty of other ships for Elizabeth to observe through her small spyglass.

A faint click signals that she's put it away. Although they are unlikely to be noticed in the shadows, she's disinclined to stay in one spot, spying, longer than necessary. There's a pub nearby they mean to try, and it looks like one of the captains in which they've taken an interest is headed that way.

She smiles a bit, nodding to Tai Huang at his spot several yards away and resting a hand on Mr. Gibbs’ arm.

Time to move.

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