Mar. 6th, 2007

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It's an honest assumption that most people might find life at the end of the universe to be full of adventure and intrigue, or, at the very least, satisfying conversation on a daily basis. Not so for Elizabeth Swann. Indeed, she finds most days dreadfully dull, especially those that see Will having some sort of love affair with his forge. On such days, she does a great deal of sighing and wondering if her fiancé would really just rather marry his sword.

Today is such a day, but Elizabeth is bored with sighing, bored with her room and bored with staring at the bar's fireplace. And although she's not bored with thinking about Jack and their predicament, it's far too chilly outside for a good brooding session in front of the Pearl.

Her thoughts turn to a certain invitation issued on the only day Elizabeth will admit to enjoying herself at Milliways. Thus, at the customary time for tea in the governor's household, Elizabeth enters the staff corridor and goes about finding the flat belonging to the barman and his friendly wife, Nynphadora.

It's not difficult to locate, and she's soon knocking on the door: two firm knocks, precisely.


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