Jun. 21st, 2007

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It started with the wind. Smelling of salt and the wide open ocean, it played havoc with her long hair and pulled her out of the hard chair she had been sitting in, just outside the bar. Like a woman enchanted, she stepped sideways into the wildness of it, closing her eyes, and stumbled against a tree when the earth trembled beneath her feet. When it was over, she opened her eyes and did not smile.

And now Elizabeth has come to a realization: sometimes you can't wait around for the answers you seek. Sometimes it's better to take action and rely on your instincts; otherwise you'll be waiting forever.

Jack hadn't answered her question, but Elizabeth is bone weary with waiting and ready to get on with her life, even if the path ahead is not clear. Her will is, as ever, strong, and if she has to fight Davy Jones himself, so be it.

Her first step is to knock firmly on the door to the Tonks-Wrangle flat and stare at the wood as if silently commanding it to open.


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