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Captain Elizabeth Turner ([personal profile] try_corsets) wrote2007-11-07 02:18 pm

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It has been a long time since Elizabeth wrote a letter, and this is no idle correspondence to begin without thought or plan. If Tonks has returned, then it's no great matter; her apology might smooth the surface, but it can otherwise be forgotten. If she hasn't...

A firm shake of Elizabeth's head banishes that thought. There's nothing left but to put pen to paper and deliver the note before she thinks better of it.

To the Tonks-Wrangles, from Captain Elizabeth Turner.


I am, it must be said, deeply sorry for my part in your wife and mother's disappearance from Milliways. Never did I expect anything like what happened when I made my request. We do not know what went wrong, but it's clear some combination of magical forces conspired against us.

Elizabeth pauses, wondering if she sounds at all sincere. Her words aren't precisely true; she doesn't regret that it worked, only that Tonks was forced along.

I've recently found another door to Milliways. It's located on my ship, the Empress, the same ship from which Tonks disappeared several days ago. I hope she simply found the door first, and thus preceded me. If so, Tonks, may we speak when you have the opportunity?

Again she sets the pen down and regards the chest beside her knee. A part of her knows she has no right to ask, and yet she thinks Tonks won't mind. She might expect it, or even understand. Elizabeth's hands are tied until the chest is safe.

If not, she writes, clenching her jaw, please let me know. I will do everything possible to find her.


She considers ‘your friend' or 'all my best' and rejects them as soon as they come to mind. The letter is inadequate, and to sign it such would only make it worse.

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