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Together, the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman decimate the Endeavor, and with it Lord Cutler Beckett.

When the smoke clears and the armada of Company ships retreats, the pirates rejoice. Two equal terrors of the sea, Jones and Beckett, are no more, and the threat to that which all pirates love most -- freedom -- has been destroyed.

Elizabeth is not immune to the happy outcome, but nor is she entirely prepared for the emotional onslaught that follows. When her part in the celebrating is done, she slips below deck, heading for the spot where she and Tonks had slept for some of their long journey.
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Nymphadora had done a fair bit of celebrating, herself, but pirate parties are only so much fun when you can't partake of the rum stores. Also, 'Dora's exhausted. But she can't sleep; instead she's staring at a knot in the timber above her, wondering when -- and how -- she was going to get back home.

But the footsteps make her turn her head, and she smiles faintly at the sight of Elizabeth.
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"I'm all right," 'Dora says, waving a dismissive hand. "But how're you?"

Her face is impassive, compassionate. Because she cannot imagine.
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Murmured, "I know."

If it were her, in Elizabeth's place, if it were Bernard-- how would she feel? Relief that he wasn't truly dead, furious that his heart was wrenched away from him, grateful that she'd been given moments with him, angry that those moments amounted to a handful stretched over a lifetime?

Probably all of the above, she thinks ruefully.

"Anyway, it's done, isn't it? For better or worse." A sharp little laugh escapes her, and Nymphadora smiles faintly. "Rather like marriage."
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With mock gravity: "Sometimes you've just gotta take matters into your own hands."

Elizabeth's still fidgeting, and Nymphadora catches her hand, tugging her friend down beside her.

"So. What now?"
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Nymphadora works hard to keep her voice light. "Any thoughts on that? Because I'm not actually above trying every single door, porthole, and window I come across."
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'Dora gives her a reassuring smile, as much for her own benefit as for Elizabeth's.

A sigh.

"Anyway. Don't worry about me. It'll be all right."
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'Dora knows that feeling, how the after-images of battles that keep flashing long after they're passed.

"Yeah. That'll be fine."

Adopting a slightly mischievous and falsely innocent air, she leans closer to speak conspiratorially. "So, you're feeling all right about the whole... wedding night... thing?"
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Nymphadora flails. "Don't freak out! No freaking out."

She takes a deep breath, simultaneously glad she asked, and wondering why she can't keep her big mouth shut.

"Okay. Right. Tell me what you know." At Elizabeth's horrified look, she hurries on: "You can be vague!"
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Honestly baffled, 'Dora frowns. "Not interested? In sex? With you?" She fumbles for a moment, lost for words. "Has he been... not interested before?"
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"I'm sure," agrees Nymphadora sagely. "But if all else fails, just take off all your clothes. Works every time."
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"I've found," she offers, "that given the proper incentive, such things are rarely a problem. And can, in fact, add to the fun!"

'Dora manages to keep a straight face for two whole seconds, and then dissolves into giggles.
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"Nah," she says softly, shaking her head. "Go on up."
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A genuine, if slightly crooked, smile pulls at her mouth. "I know."