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It's cold.

Really and truly freezing.

Elizabeth sits on the stairs below deck, systematically wiggling each of her fingers and each of her toes, and thinking that perhaps the winter in Milliways hadn't been such a waste of time after all. She'd grown accustomed to, if not fond of, harsher weather than one finds in the Caribbean.

Of course, her hair had never developed frost, either.
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'Dora's lighting little blue fires everywhere she can think of, poking her wand irritably here and there. The flames cast an eerie aqua light over the staircase, making them both look well and truly frozen.

Finally she sighs and eases herself down next to Elizabeth, huddling up next to her friend for extra warmth.

"This is bloody shite," she grumbles.
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Nymphadora pokes her wand at the 'blanket,' which could perhaps more aptly be called a 'medium-sized and mouse-eaten dishtowel,' and mutters another warming charm. "Bloody pirates aren't supposed to go where it's bloody cold," growls the witch. "It's against type."

'Dora's been... testy, since Singapore. She's worried about Mal, but saying so reminds her of the possibility that he might be dead. Because of her.

And that's not something she's especially eager to face.
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"I will gladly hold him down whilst you do the honors," she deadpans.

One of 'Dora's hands settles on her belly, rubbing in a slow circle.

A breath. "On the other hand, I hope we are close. How long've we been gone? I've lost track."
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A wry smile. "I've felt better. But I've also felt a lot worse." She looks down at the bump. "Think I've missed a few appointments with my Healer. But I guess this is where I remind myself that women did this for millenia without doctors, right?"
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At that, Nymphadora starts wheezing with near-silent giggles. "Yeah, but she scares the living daylights out of me. And I'm a witch."
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"Yeah, maybe."

Her giggles peter out into a small sigh.

"In any case, at least I can be helpful whilst I'm here." She slants a look at Elizabeth. "And before you start in on any apologizing, it's not your fault I'm here."
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Nymphadora's expression tightens, her gaze focused on a rotting timber above them. "I'm too tired to really argue properly on that score, just now."
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"I won't," replies 'Dora immediately, and holds out her hand. "What is it?"
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A quick breath, and her eyes widen. Nymphadora checks to see how much ammunition there is, double-checks the safety, and then carefully tucks it into her belt, blousing her tunic out to cover it. Then she reaches out to tightly grasp Elizabeth's hand.

"Thank you."
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Nymphadora silently blesses Elizabeth for not using the past tense, and squeezes her hand in return. "Why wait for the Pearl? I could have this whole place alight inside of a minute..."
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She hmms softly. "I've never been one for delayed gratification."

Then 'Dora sighs, wraps an arm around Elizabeth, and thinks fiercely of home.