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It's odd, Elizabeth thinks, how the name had once had a fairytale-like quality to it and had represented a place she was destined only to visit in books or the stories of officers who passed through Port Royal.

Singapore feels very real now, tangible and close enough that Elizabeth keeps a weather eye on the horizon, harboring hopes of at last seeing land.

Everyone on board is aware of how impatient she is to get on with things. A man -- or a woman -- would have to be blind to miss the way she's coiled tightly, dangerously, whether pacing the ship or sitting very still for long periods of time.

There's been too much waiting.
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Well, Mal's just the man to solve that, walking up behind Elizabeth and thumping down a large leather pack.

"Christmas time," he grins.
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"God I hope not. It shouldn't even be August yet, at home."

Unrolling the folds of the pack, Mal reveals a mare's-leg and a hunting knife.

"The former owners of this vessel seem to have forgotten a few things."
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A quick flick of Mal's hand upward. "Stand up, I want to see somethin'."

Mal continues pulling out objects and weapons from the back -- grenades, more knives, smaller pistols, and several harnesses.

One harness in particular consists of two crossed chest-belts; it's also the smallest harness visible.

"Try this on."
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"I've got to say...least four pistols with ammunition carryin' for the larger pieces. Maybe more."

Holding up two of the smaller pistols, "These in a fight if you run out o' bullets you drop and move on. Ain't worth going back for."

Toward the back of the right-hand belt are small loops, and Mal picks up two grenades. "Always. Remember. Grenades."

He learns.
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"Got to say they're pretty easy, all you've got to do is pull up on the --- "

Then Mal pays attention to the actual shape and construction of the grenades in the belt.

"Light the fuse? Damn, are grenades more fun in my 'verse."
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Mal can't help but snicker. "Point. We'd already be done by now with my ship. Or at least a shuttle."

Picking up the mare's-leg again, Mal finds a harness that fits, and gets down on one knee, heading for Elizabeth's thigh without any real explanation.
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Mal looks upward, holding the holster aloft. "Married, remember? It's a leg-strap. Relax," he adds with a smile.

Mal checks to make sure the mare's-leg hadn't been left loaded by whoever owned it before sliding it into its holster and strapping it around the midpoint of Elizabeth's thigh.

"It's going to be awkward learnin' how to walk without giving away the weight. I'd almost recommend wearin' some kind of strap on the other leg to make it feel more even, no matter if you're carryin' something else or no. Try to unholster it."
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"That's not what that's there for. Small guns first, then once you're behind cover you lob a grenade or two, then dig out this girl."
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A smirk. "This is only the one bag. Plus, I brought a fair amount o' weaponry for myself."

Mal shows his sidearm in his holster, Will's flintlock at his back, and the knife in his boot.

"This normally suits me well enough."
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"I'll doublecheck, I promise. I'm hopin' to be back with her before you meet up with Sao Feng's folk anyhow."
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Mal nods, but stops after a moment.

"Can I offer a piece of advice?"
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"From a pirate that's quasi-married up the social ladder? There's enough problems with that without -- "

( " -- I'm too weak for this -- ")

" -- separating oneself further."

Beat. "That's all."
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Mal nods.

"So -- you comfortable with all that?"

Pointing to the weapons, naturally.
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"Even better."