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The decision is not final yet, not without Will's consent, even though they had discussed the name at length, but Elizabeth begins calling her son Will as soon as he arrives, wailing and kicking like he means to take on all the stormy waters of the world and live to tell the tale.

Will, Jr. is loud, irate, demanding some moments; quiet and almost thoughtful others. Elizabeth couldn't be more proud. Or more anxious to introduce him to his father. There's no telling how long the Dutchman will be able to stay, and once she starts wandering closer and closer to the door to check and see, Guppy and Demeter begin to teach her in earnest what to do with a newborn.

Eventually she is declared well enough for the short trip, and so is little Will. Without another word, Elizabeth scoops up her son -- it is only just beginning to be a thing that doesn't feel unnatural, or an ill fit for her -- and makes for the pirate ship in the lake.

It's morning. She hadn't realized that when she stepped out. The mist is beginning to burn off. Whispering to Will Jr., she tucks his blanket a little closer to his tiny chin. Quick glances spaced between a study of any possible obstacles on the ground give way to a hopeful, searching look in her eyes as she starts to make out details on the Dutchman's hull. Any minute now, she will see what she always longs to see whenever she turns a weather eye on the horizon: her husband, looking out for her.
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Will's anxiety has been steadily rising with every minute since the messages stopped coming. He tried plenty of times, to tell himself that no news was good news, and that there's lots to keep them occupied, but he spent much of the agonizing wait fighting the thought of what could be taking so long.

He doesn't remember feeling this distraught since the last time Elizabeth was taken by pirates.

Staring at every person that walks down the lake shore, angry at them for failing to be his wife, when the silhouette eventually takes her anticipated shape, it takes him a second to convince himself.

And then everything falls away like the retreating tide, leaving nothing but the warm, satisfied peace that she always brings him.

Elizabeth Turner. His wife.
And his son.

He watches them approach with silent awe, until it's time to rush to the jetty and welcome them both on board.
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He offers her a hand up, in the hope that she can take that hand and still hold the baby in her arms (so small, is that a real person? Is that really going to become a man?) and not do herself any harm because he's sure she probably shouldn't be out.

Which leaves him in a perfect position to wrap that arm around her shoulder and stare at the bundle.

At Will. "Will."

More staring.

"He's perfect."

(He doesn't mean to sound so surprised. It's been a long wait.)
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But he doesn't. Look up, that his. At least not until he's lifted his spare hand to hesitantly and incredibly gently touch the fabric of the sling just where it curves over his son's head.

It doesn't feel real. And it feels like the realest, most important thing he's ever done. Ever will do.

The hole in his chest feels not like a hole at all, it's so full right now.

He looks to Elizabeth only when he's ready.

"How are you faring?"
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But his attention was elsewhere! On his SON. Who is amazing and perfect and fast asleep, and Will's too nervous to actually touch him.

But he draws her closer to him, placing a kiss on her temple.

"Do you want to come into the cabin? Sit down?"
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Will's face lights up in his happiest of all bright grins at the very thought of holding him.

Which then dissipates quickly into something approaching terror.

But first he has Elizabeth to get to his cabin, and he guides them both gently, as if afraid either might break, even though he knows his wife is tougher than that.

He has no idea what she's just gone through.

"I would have been there if I could."
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Well this is embarrassing.

He moves his back to the nearest pile, making a path for her as he goes, occasionally kicking something away.

"I... was looking for some silver. Did it get to you?"
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"That's a relief."

He can smile, too, at his own idiocy. At least from the safety of the ordeal being over and the two of them being safe.

As they sit in his berth, he wraps his arm - never apart from her - further around her shoulders and brings both wife and son close to him.

"How is the Empress fitted for her new passenger?"
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Will, who likes nothing better than untying fabric next to Elizabeth, moves behind her quickly to work and the knot, and the sling comes away falling, around her hands and lap.

And exposing the tiny person it had sheltered from the outside.

Will stares. Again.

He still can't quite believe it.
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Will looks up at her, wide eyed and panicked all of a sudden. And then down to his son - to baby Will - in just as much panic. Though his hands are already twitching towards him. He doesn't feel like he'll ever be ready.

"How do I do it?"
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He wasn't planning to drop him!

"My hands are rough..." he starts, almost apologetically to both Elizabeth and young Will, but he soon stops all protestations.

Because there is a baby in his arms, tiny little head resting in the nook of his elbow, tiny little feet only just reaching the palm of his hand.

And when he touches one of those tiny little hands in wonder, tiny little fingers curl tightly around the rough sailor's finger he was so worried about, and tiny brown eyes look myopically up at him, so much like Elizabeth.

(If Elizabeth couldn't see further than her own nose.)

And everything melts away.

Will smiles.

He's a father.
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"He has his mother's eyes," Will says softly, raising the child up so those eyes get closer to his own.

"Hello, Will."
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He doesn't know the answer to this - he's not a doctor.

But he moves his hand - with tiny baby fingers wrapped to tightly around one finger - to young Will's chest, frowning thoughtfully.

"He has a strong heartbeat," he says. It had been a nagging wonder - he was conceived by a man with no heart, after all. "Aren't babies always small?"
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Will smiles, one of those quiet smiles of confidence that he's been showing more and more recently.

"Our son? Your son? He'll be safe anywhere."


"And if anyone threatens him, you send that pirate to me."
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"I can't say I completely approve of that," he says cheerfully. "But when it comes to Will, you be as ruthless as you can."

And that's very ruthless indeed.
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Will finally looks up from his son, brow furrowing in worry.

"Is there a right answer to that?"
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"I know you will," he says, looking back down as if worried young Will might have changes in the second she's been looking away.

"No one could keep him safer."
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"You do?"

Will plays a minor game of tug with his son, testing tiny grips and tiny arm muscles.

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She did most of the making. Will's input was - well, minimal.

but he's still as proud as any parent, and extends his little finger to brush against Elizabeth's hand. Hello.

"Am I better off not knowing?"
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Will drops his son's hand in order to cup the back of Elizabeth's head and kiss her, hard and passionately.

His other hand has a baby, but that's OK.

"The ninja?"
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"I'm sure he is."

Will pulls back a tiny bit, reluctantly, bringing her lower lip at least part of the way, before he looks down at his son, whose breath is becoming steady, his eyes closing.

"How long can you stay?"

Can it be forever?