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"That's settled, then."

Elizabeth doesn't look particularly unhappy or angry as she steps around the groaning man at her feet and sheaths her sword. Her jaw is set and her expression is firm, but there's a sparkle in her eyes. Remorse is noticeably absent.

It hadn't been a fair fight, something else that doesn't appear to bother her, and the man had paid an appropriate price: not his life but his dignity, which is just as apt to further her reputation, she feels. There's certainly no shortage of laughter coming from the other men.

Tai Huang walks at her back. She keeps her head turned just enough to see him out of the corner of her eye as she takes the last few steps to the tavern door. Once inside, she nods to her man to have a look around and strikes a watchful pose against a pillar while she awaits his return.

The Empress and her crew are back in Tortuga, this time with a purpose.

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Gibbs is where you would expect to find him...half asleep in the back of the room, several empty mugs on the table.

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Gibbs snaps to. "Captain, Captain, your majesty..." He hasn't any idea what works best, but is glad to see her. "Welcome back to Tortuga!"

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"He's gone to seek his fortunes, again. The Pearl was...reappropriated, I suppose is best how to say it, and Jack and I chose to part for now.

"And it's good to see you as well. How are the seas treating you, Captain?" He takes a good swig of rum, and relaxes a tiny bit.

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It's been long enough for a pirate with little to do. "Here, and occasionally back at Milliways. Where else would a pirate go, even with the end of Beckett's Folly?

"I take it you still have Sao Feng's ship and crew at your call?" That should be obvious, but just as sometimes Jack has a first mate without a ship, Captain Turner might be commanding just the one man while considering her future.

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"With any luck, they will find no fortune. It was made abundantly clear that my presence was not welcome. Which, given who Barbossa is, is fine with me." The hatred for the man who stole the ship twice is hard to miss.

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"It wouldn't be the same without Jack, would it?" He asks this without really thinking, but that splash of rum perverse has the right effect on his gray cells.

"Captain...are y' suggestin' I sail with your crew?"

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Gibbs does think this over. A woman captain would be...difficult. But Captain Turner the female is not exactly the ordinary woman, is she? Never mind that she is the king.

"And your crew would be willin' to listen to my...suggestions for navigating these seas?" Being a pirate, issues of color and place of birth mean little to him, at least compared to the men of his age. But that isn't to say he'd be welcome among a crew that has its own way of doing things.

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"I won't deny that I've long thought that women on the seas are not the best of luck," he says a bit boldly but in a rather friendly tone. "But to sail with someone who doesn't seem to regard luck as somethin' work mentioning would change things.

"And to sail with the Pirate's been many years since anyone has been able to do that."

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"Nassau...I haven't been that way since my Navy days. And what will we be lookin' for there, Captain?" That would be a Yes, wouldn't it?

And deep down, Gibbs hopes that the forces of the sea and the wind forgive him for serving with a woman, since even if she's capable, there is something strange about it.

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"No, it won't be. But then, it never truly was." Not that he or Jack ever worried about that. "And it won't be easy, even with Beckett and his task force gone. I think that whoever is still sailing these waters in the name of the King...of the English king...won't take kindly to a return of any pirates." He's also thinking of Lyon, though he never met the man. But his reputation is widely known in Tortuga.

"What we might need to do is get a feel for things in Nassau. Keep unseen at the docks for a few days, listenin' closely. Your crew will stand out, I fear, but neither of us is known there." Yet.

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If Gibbs feels a bit guilty about getting to any prize before Jack, he's not showing it. And the Code would state firmly that you don't let anyone - even a friend - beat you to the prize.

"If that's what the fates and the sea bring, that who are we to argue?"

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"Until tonight," Gibbs says with a starling amount of excitement. His long slow days in Tortuga, as relaxing as they have been, are about to end, and the chance to seek a fortune is ready to start anew!