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Name:Captain Elizabeth Turner
Elizabeth Swann is the very privileged daughter of Port Royal's Governor Weatherby Swann. She has always had an intense interest in pirates and knows far more about them than a proper young lady should. After helping rescue a shipwrecked boy named Will Turner ([personal profile] turned_captain) on her passage from England, she discovered a medallion on his person that may or may not have identified him as a pirate. She kept the medallion and his secret, torn between doing what her father wished -- marry Commadore Norrington -- and her love for Will Turner, the blacksmith's apprentice. The fact that Will might also be a pirate only added to his allure.

Coddled most of her life, Elizabeth can be a bit spoiled, calculating and frequently haughty. Despite her rather selfish nature, she has a good heart and longs for freedom, adventure -- even danger. She does not want to conform to her society's rigid rules of conduct. Her quick mind and willingness to jump right in and get her hands dirty might surprise people expecting only the pampered daughter of Governor Swann.

After the curse of the Aztec gold is lifted and Jack escapses, Elizabeth agreed to marry Will. He is, after all, a pirate. But when pirates are involved, things very rarely go according to plan.

As became only too clear during the events of Dead Man's Chest.

And then, after close to a year in Milliways, everything changed At World's End.


Elizabeth has long, light brown hair and brown eyes; she looks remarkably like Keira Knightley, in fact. She is a lady, and is usually impeccably dressed (although she is not particularly fond of corsets), unless she's sailing with a damned crew or lounging on the beach with Captain Jack.

ETA, post-DMC: The above is no longer true. Elizabeth arrived in Milliways wearing trousers and pirate garb. You'd be hard-pressed to get her out of them. Unless you're Will.

What? I said nothing.

ETA, post-AWE: And now there are several pieces of Chinese pirate garb mixed in with the rest. Also: KING!

I do not own Elizabeth Swann, or Keira Knightley’s likeness. All things Pirates of the Caribbean belong to Disney. This journal exists solely for play in [community profile] milliways_bar, and no profit is being made.

A note on icons: Most of Elizabeth's icons come from places like [info]potc_icons, but I frequently forget to save crediting information. If I am using one of your icons and you would like credit, shoot me an e-mail and all will be rectified ASAP.

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