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Elizabeth will say this for the Brethren Court: once war is declared, they approach the matter with all the fervor they put into arguing against it. Boisterous and determined, they descend to their ships to make ready for the coming battle, all too aware that the enemy is probably already lurking outside the safety of Shipwreck Cove.

Not Elizabeth. The recently elected (by popular vote) Pirate King stands outside the meeting hall, waiting for Jack to emerge.

It's time, she thinks, that they talk.
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It takes a little while, longer than she might have expected, as Jack's busy spending a few minutes in low-voiced conversation with a certain Captain Teague.

But eventually he comes sauntering out, only to recoil when he spots her.


Recovering himself, Jack touches two fingers to his hat and grins mockingly at her.

"Your Majesty."
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"All sorts of interesting things what's written in the Code," he drawls. "Useful, too."
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Jack cocks his head to one side, causing a coin to chime against one of the beads in his hair.

"Weren't you listening?"
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He winces a little, but doesn't argue the point.

"Reason enough, Lizzie. Reason enough. Besides--"

His grin is sudden and wickedly bright.

"-- I understand you, savvy?"
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Black eyes are sharp and interested, but he merely waves one hand in the air in elaborate dismissal.
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"Suppose you ought to be getting yourself a shiny crown, then," he drawls.

There's a beat, and then Jack cocks his head to one side, watching her.

"Tell me, Elizabeth-- have you thought about what it is that we're to be facing on the morrow? Really thought about it?"
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He rolls his eyes.

"The part where you're about to be leading a ragtag armada of scallywags what at the most could be called independently concerned into battle against the Company?"

A beat.

"Ever read anything useful about that in any of those stories you always liked?"
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"Ah. Beckett and Jones."

There's something maddeningly knowing about Jack's wry smile.

"Wonder what it is that the two of them might be having to say about this new and unexpected development what's resulted in you being all... kingly?"
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"Expect they'll find out otherwise soon enough, aye. Though, come to that..."

Jack lowers his voice and leans in so only she can hear him.

"Not to be casting any manner of aspersions on your willingness to go to war and all that, but have you considered that were our illustriously businesslike and ... well, tentacly ... opponents to be informed of this change in the wind, that they might not but be wanting to back away from something what's more than any of them bargained for, savvy?"

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Jack's sudden small smile could only be described as enigmatic.

"'Course not, Lizzie. The trick is to give them what they don't expect."

A beat, and then he waggles the fingers of one hand at her.

"And it's certain enough they won't be expecting you."
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"Ah yes. The Code."

He doesn't quite wince as he turns to look back himself, toward Teague's part of the hall.

"... you sure you need to see it with your own two eyes?"
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"All sorts of things what you might find interesting, aye," Jack informs her. "Including, which as you already know, that it falls to the King to declare war and lead the combined forces in battle."

A beat, and then gold glints from a tooth as he grins at her.

"Happens as it's also within the rights, prerogatives, and other as might be aforementioned duties and obligations in such war to call for parlay."
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He manages not to wince.


"'Course I do. Teague's been the one looking after the Code for a long time, savvy?"
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And at this, Jack looks visibly startled.

"Jim? You're certain?"
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"... and didn't escape himself, is that the way of it?"

The look Jack's giving her now is guarded.

"Stayed behind, did he?"
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Said with quiet realization. Jack remains still, watching her.

"Seems he found his redemption after all."
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He nods, and the quiet clatter of the beads in his hair is strangely loud in the momentary silence.

And then Jack grins, sudden and wicked, and takes a sideways step around her and toward the far door, drawling,

"Now if there's nothing else, I've a ship what needs seeing to, if she's going to be sailing off to battle--"
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He pauses on his way past, and turns fully back around to face her.

"Only one way to be sure, now isn't there?"

Jack flashes her a maddeningly knowing grin, and quickly ducks out the door.