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The door opens with a bang, blown against the wall by wind and water, and Elizabeth jumps through with Will Jr. on her hip, raising her sword as she turns to fight off someone trying to grab them. The look of surprise on that someone's face only grows when he finds himself stabbed in the chest. Elizabeth plants her foot on his stomach and shoves him back off her blade with a grunt before slamming the door behind her.

Gasping for breath, she lets Will Jr. slide down her body until his little feet are firmly on the ground. She crouches, looking him in the eye, and says, "Remember. Find Uncle Mike. Stay with him or near Bar. Or James, if he's here. Understand? Good. I'll be back." She quickly kisses his forehead. "Soon."

With that she storms back through the door, sword raised, letting out a loud piratical yell for good measure.

Time passes.

Elizabeth does return, if not precisely soon. Hopefully Will Jr. found Mike. First, however, she needs to wash the blood off her hands.